When you’re showing a new couple around their forever home, hosting an open house in a sought after neighbourhood or getting your name out there to any homeowners who may be thinking of selling, you need to make sure your name – your business – is remembered.

You need a way to stand out from all those other estate agents. A way to build your reputation.

A way to make sure your brand matters.

We’ve got just the thing. Ten of them in fact.

Ten top promotional products for estate agents.

The unique gifts, handy items and top-branded merch that are ideal for every estate agent, and which will certainly get your brand noticed.

1. Radiator keys

Every home needs them, so why not give new homeowners a handy tool that they’ll always be grateful for? One that will always make them think of your business.

2. First aid kits

Another staple that should live in every kitchen or bathroom cupboard, these small first aids are super valuable in every sense of the word.

3. Bowie softy pens

You might be signing contracts digitally these days, but every estate agent still needs a trusty, top quality pen (and plenty of spares for clients). You won’t beat this best-selling soft-touch metal one.

4. New home tins

If you want to thank a homeowner for choosing your services, this thoughtful starter set delivers everything they need for their first night in their new home – tea, coffee, sleep mask, sleep spray and wet wipes – all branded in a smart, reusable tin.

5. Fare fibreglass golf umbrella

When you need to show off that stunning garden but the weather has other ideas, you’re going to need a big sturdy umbrella to protect your clients – one that reinforces your brand and comfortably fits two people underneath!

6. House-shaped keyring

They’re simple, they’re cute and they always get noticed. These house-shaped keyrings are ever-popular with estate agents, and a great way to remind friends and acquaintances that you’re always looking for new clients.

7. Ukiyo diffuser gift set

These beautiful diffuser gift sets are the perfect way to thank those amazing clients and make sure they always think of you before their next home move. Stylishly branded, you’ll be front and centre in their new home.

8. Large branded prosecco bottle

Or if you want to keep things traditional, give your new tenants or homeowners a bottle of prosecco that they can use to celebrate their new place. Timeless, simple and highly effective.

9. Chrome plated auto stop tape measure

If you’re creating floor plans and/or helping prospective buyers weigh up a new property, then a trusted tape measure is a must. It’s easy to see why this high quality, branded measuring tape is on our top ten list for estate agents.

10. Moving boxes

Branded moving boxes are a new addition to our top ten promotional products list, but a big hit. Every renter, buyer or seller needs moving boxes, so put your brand front and centre with promo gifts they’ll most definitely use… and be grateful for.

That’s the merch that matters

For estate agents, our top ten branded products are all focused on that merchandise that’s relevant, rewarding and really useful. Find out more about our solutions for estate agents here.

They’re helpful, handy and guaranteed to help boost your reputation.

And if there’s something you want branded that isn’t on this list, check out our full catalogue, or just ask us.

We love creating unique gifts and bringing unusual ideas to life, and there’s almost nothing we can’t brand.

So get in touch, and let us know how we can help you boost your estate agency’s sales, visibility, and reputation.