Ukrainian immigrant Mark Venis starts a cigar making business in London. It wasn’t long before his customers started asking what else he could supply them with.

The company expanded its offering, first with toys and then other gift products.


 Mark’s children – Stella & Geoffrey – take over, and the business becomes a leading name in the stamping and branding of leather key fobs for car manufacturers.


Stella’s two sons pick up the branding torch. Martin begins a pen printing company, while Dennis adds additional promotional merchandise to the family business.


The two companies merge and Premium Pen becomes the largest promotional gift house in the UK.

1992 - Present

Branding, gifting and promotional merchandise has stayed in the family to this day, with 4th generational family members joining the business. Lee in 1992, James in 2000 and Jon in 2007. With their collective passion for the gaming industry and their expertise in branded merchandise, Initial Rewards was born and quickly became an award-winning company.  

Fast forward to 2023, and the company is proud to announce its rebranding as Brand Matters, as it embarks on the next stage of its journey. With a deep understanding of the importance of branding and its impact on businesses, Brand Matters is committed to providing top-notch branded merchandise solutions to the gaming industry and beyond and has even got the 5th generation in the wings ready to keep the family tradition going.

Safe to say, Brand Matters to our family.

Innovation matters

Our history underpins our expertise, but it’s our commitment to exciting and innovative products that drives us forward. We’re always sourcing new suppliers, new products and new offers to keep your brand at the leading edge of promotional merchandise.

Flexibility matters

For over 100 years, we’ve been supporting our customers in every way we can, delivering the products and services they need to stand out. Whatever it takes, we’ll make it happen. Big or small, local or global, we work tirelessly around the clock and around the world to give brands the merch that matters.

Reliability matters

Most importantly, our customers trust us. We’re the branding partners you can rely on. Anywhere in the world, any type of product, we make sure you get the highest quality and the highest level of service at all times. With a global reach and a personal touch, we take care of everything to give you total peace of mind.

Whatever you need, wherever you want - we’ll brand it.
Because Brand Matters.

Our global locations

London, UK

New Jersey, USA

Porto, Portugal

Taipei, Taiwan