Looking for an innovative way to make a splash with your brand? Look no further than our Promotional Branded Water! We offer a refreshing solution that will quench your thirst and help you make a lasting impression on your target audience.
At Brand Matters, we understand the power of branding, and our custom-branded water bottles are the perfect tool to promote your business or event.
Whether you’re hosting a corporate function, sponsoring a trade show, or planning a special occasion, our Promotional Branded Water will elevate your brand presence to new heights

Canned Water

Our 330ml Promotional Branded Canned Water is filled with Sparkling or Still spring water.

The highly recyclable aluminium can is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic PET bottles and with a 24-month shelf life is perfect for long promotional marketing campaigns.

  • UK’s first, ZERO PLASTIC Water Cans
  • 100% recyclable and BPA free
  • Made from 70% recycled aluminium
  • Locally sourced water from natural springs
  • Sealed from light and air, for freshness

EARTH Water Tetra Pak

330 ml natural spring water in a white FSC certified cardboard bottle with 100% vegetable cap.

In total, 89% of the packaging consists of vegetable material. From each pack sold, a contribution goes to the EARTH Water charity.

Since 2007, EARTH Water has been able to donate more than € 1,500,000, which has been used to fund various water projects worldwide.

The goal is to provide one million children with clean drinking water by 2023.

rPET Recycled Water Bottles

What is an rPET bottle?

Well, as everybody knows plastic is a highly recyclable material… our Promotional rPET Water Bottles are made from recycled plastic which has been sterilised and reformed for reuse.

Recycled PolyEthylene Terephthalate or rPET bottles are great for the environment, as not only are they made from already recycled plastic but can also be recycled again and again, breaking the cycle of the “Single Use Plastic Bottle”

We can personalise this Promotional rPET Water Bottle label with your branding, logo, corporate marketing campaign

Ready to make a splash with Promotional Branded Water?

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Stay hydrated, leave a lasting impression, and watch your business grow with Brand Matters

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