We are thrilled to announce that Brand Matters has officially become the shirt sponsor for the North London Hawks Futsal Club for the 2023-2024 season! As a brand that always champions sporting excellence, community involvement, and relentless ambition, we couldn’t think of a better partnership to exemplify these values.

What is Futsal?

For those unfamiliar with futsal, it’s a fast-paced, 5-a-side version of football, played mainly indoors on a smaller, hard court. The game is known for its emphasis on ball control, quick passes, and technical skills. It’s not only thrilling to play but also a spectacle to watch. Many football legends, including Pele, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, credit futsal for refining their footwork and vision on the field!

Groundbreaking Season Ahead

This season is particularly significant for the North London Hawks as their newly-formed 1st team prepares to make their debut in the FA National Futsal League Tier 3 division. Their first battle will be fought today against West London Futsal in the FA Futsal Cup preliminary round. We are buzzing with excitement for the 1st league game scheduled for next Sunday!

More Than Just a Team: A Community for All Ages

Beyond the senior team, the North London Hawks also operate a thriving Futsal Academy for boys and girls aged 5 and over. The academy serves as an excellent platform for young talents to explore, learn, and grow in the world of futsal. It’s not just about sports; it’s about nurturing a sense of community and belonging among the youngsters.

Brand Matters & North London Hawks: A Perfect Fit

We’re not just sponsoring; we’re joining a family. By supporting the North London Hawks, Brand Matters aims to not only elevate the level of the game but also to contribute positively to the broader community that the Hawks serve. We’re incredibly proud to have our logo featured on the team’s shirts and to be part of this promising journey.

Join Us in Cheering for the Hawks!

We invite all fans, families, and members of the community to join us in cheering for the North London Hawks. Your support will make all the difference, whether it’s the first-time players in the academy or the seasoned pros competing in the league.

See you on the court.

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