Customers are increasingly prioritising sustainability throughout their everyday lives, from supermarket shelf choices to shifting lifestyle habits. Your business needs to prioritise it too.

With so much attention focused on single-use plastics, resource-intensive manufacturing and landfill waste, if you want to capture the hearts and minds of your customers, your branded merchandise doesn’t just need to nod to sustainability, it needs to embrace it.

Make the right choices, and you’ll see big benefits to your business when you incorporate environmentally-friendly, sustainable branded merchandise into your marketing strategy.

You will:

1. Boost your reputation as a considerate brand

When you use sustainable branded merchandise, you’re sending a message to the world that you’re a responsible company. You’re showcasing your commitment to sustainability and demonstrating that you understand your customers’ values.

By replacing disposable products with sustainable branded merch like FCS certified notebooks or recycled sports bottles, you’ll boost your reputation as a considerate, eco-conscious brand and attract more new customers.

2. Differentiate your business with products that get customers talking

With so much branded merchandise on the market and in the daily lives of your customers, you need products that stand out. Sustainable, environmentally friendly options do just that.

They look more attractive, more natural and they have powerful associations. They help your customers show they’re doing their bit for the planet. Products like wheat straw and cork charging cables are unusual too, often attracting enquiries that get your brand in front of more people.

3. Enhance both customer and employee loyalty

Sustainable branded merchandise will help your business form deeper connections with your customers AND your employees too. Green practices matter to both, and eco-friendly products give you a sense of shared purpose, reinforcing all of our commitments to the environment.

Make sure all your branded stationery is sustainably sourced and your embroidered staff apparel is organic and recycled, and you’ll be far more likely to engage and motivate your employees.

4. Reduce your branded merchandise costs

There’s a common misconception that green, sustainable products are more expensive, but when it comes to promotional products, that’s not the case. Because so much branded merchandise is made from recycled materials, it’s much more cost effective than turning to premium virgin materials.

With fully branded eco-friendly pens and notepads available for less than 25p and 45p each, why wouldn’t you want to embrace sustainable merchandise?

5. Align your promotions with your corporate values

If your corporate ESG strategy focuses on sustainability, then your branded merchandise needs to follow suit. You need to talk the talk. Bringing environmentally friendly products into your marketing efforts is a great way to show that your brand’s beliefs and commitments are real.

You could share a bespoke Go Green pack with investors and shareholders, or brand recycled PET umbrellas to sit in reception areas at all your buildings.

6. Increase the long-term visibility of your business

Finally, sustainable branded merchandise is a great way to replace the single use plastics we all use everyday. Like tote bags in favour of plastic carrier bags, or eco-friendly sweet packaging instead of disposable plastic wrapping.

Instead of giving away plastic products that are destined to be thrown away, replace them with sustainable options and they’re far more likely to stay out of the bin, keeping your brand highly visible and front of mind for longer.

Sustainability doesn’t mean compromise

Incorporating sustainably branded merchandise into your promotional giveaways doesn’t mean compromising on quality, range or impact.

Far from it.

At Brand Matters, we know the environment matters to you, which is why we have sustainable options in every single category – from headphones to power banks, utensils to backpacks.

So if you want your business and brand to benefit from new sustainable promotional products, get in touch today.

Let’s make sure your branded merch stays out of the landfill and in your customers hands.