The primary purpose of every promotional product is to help build trust in your brand. You don’t just want your branded merchandise to get your business in front of potential clients and customers, you want those products to promote your brand.

Your promotional products should help reinforce the value, quality and effectiveness of your brand. To do that, they need to show thought and attention to detail, indicating to your clients that you’re considerate and understanding.

If you really want to build trust with your clients, you can’t just send generic, run-of-the-mill products that will collect dust with all your competitors’.

You need products that are useful, relevant and considered. Branded products like:

1. A bamboo foot massager

This sustainably sourced, bamboo foot massager ticks all the boxes. It’s environmentally friendly, it’s considered and it leaves a powerful impression with your clients. It tells them to relax and put their feet up, because your business will take care of them.

2. A mental wellbeing kit

Help your client take care of their mental health with this compact kit that includes a selection of relaxation products for a calm, reflective evening. It shows you’re considering their wellbeing and helping to keep their lives stress-free… the same benefits they’ll get from your business.

3. Power banks

Power banks are a great promotional product to build trust with clients because they’re needed. With all the phones, tablets and electronic gadgets we carry with us every day, a power bank always comes in handy whenever we need to re-charge. Your business, there when your clients need it.

4. Trolley keyring

Super simple, super cost effective and super practical, trolley keyrings are another everyday item that you can brand and give to your clients, so you’re always there whenever needed. Clients don’t need to worry about digging out a pound coin… they can trust you instead. And even more trustworthy, they’re made from 100% recycled plastic.

5. Babaji yoga mat

Clients are always more likely to trust brands that are looking after their interests and taking the time to care about their wellbeing. This high-quality yoga mat shows your brand prioritises comfort and support, and wants to look after its clients. It can also be used to show your tailor your products to your clients hobbies.

6. Pocket-size hand sanitiser

If your clients think you’re always looking out for their safety, they’re more likely to intrinsically trust you. Hand sanitisers are still in high demand, and a small branded pocket-sized option is a great way to stay front of mind and reinforce trust in your business every time it’s used.

7. A high quality pen

Branded pens are an all time classic promotional gift (and a product we built our business on), but they’re still a great way to build trust if you find the right option. Make sure you choose a high quality, high comfort premium pen, presented in a gorgeous gift box, and your clients will come to rely on it…and you.

To build trust, brand matters

Building trust is a crucial part of any marketing and sales campaign, and promotional products are a great help… if you share the right products.

The secret is finding and branding merchandise that’s:

  • Durable and high quality – to show you’re dependable
  • Relevant to your target audience – to show you understand and value them
  • Tastefully branded – to show your professionalism

Because remember, if you want to build trust and loyalty with your clients, Brand Matters.

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