The FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 kicks off on 20th July, and if you’re planning on running any marketing campaigns, merchandise tie-ins or seasonal promotions, now is the time to get organised.

Hosted jointly by Australia and New Zealand, the 2023 World Cup is set to be the biggest ever event for women’s football, and it’s sure to draw huge international crowds.

So if you want to capture that patriotic spirit and get in on the atmosphere, you’ll need some branded merchandise that’s guaranteed to get you noticed.

1. Indoor hover ball

Encourage a bit of healthy competition with your customers in their homes or offices, with this super fun, damage-free hover ball.

Air powered, LED illuminated in multiple colours, and with foam bumpers that prevent it from damaging walls or furniture, this hover ball glides across any smooth surface.

With batteries included, your customers can get scoring right away.

2. Mini table football

If you want to ramp up that competition and give your customers a classic party game that’ll survive well past the World Cup, then this branded mini table football is the perfect option.

After a quick self assembly, just pop it on top of any table and away you go. Who’s got the fastest hands?

3. Stress football keyring

There’s nothing as stressful as watching your country in a World Cup penalty shootout. Prepare for that inevitable outcome by sharing these handy keyring stress balls.

Football-shaped to tie in to the big event, they can be easily branded with your company’s logo and quickly shipped out to all your customers.

4. Olympic sports bottle

The World Cup might inspire your customers to take to the pitch themselves and try out their passing, dribbling and shooting skills. Or maybe it’ll just encourage them to get in a little more exercise outdoors or at the gym.

Either way these Olympic sports bottles are super stylish and super practical. They’re ideal for teams or for individuals, and as well as being branded with your organisation’s logo or brand marque, you can also pick from 6 bottle colours and 21 top colours.

5. Barbecue apron

When England are playing (or any other country you might support), there’s nothing better than a big match barbecue to celebrate victory or commiserate a loss. And this year’s Women’s World Cup is in the summer, so we just might get some gorgeous sunny days.

That makes this football-styled apron perfect for the occasion, complete with tongs, fork, spatula and oven glove. Ideal for both the football and barbecue enthusiast it’s a stand-out way to make sure your brand stands out.

Thousands more products, ready to brand

If you’re looking for more World Cup inspired branded merchandise to promote your company, or you’re searching for something entirely different, then we can help with both.

From bespoke products to ready-to-ship merch, we’ve got over 40,000 items in stock and a bunch more ideas to help you find the perfect options – football-themed or not.

Take a look at our online catalogue, or get in touch with our in-house design team.